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Lost Lives, Lost Art

This is the story of fifteen families whose art collections were seized by the Nazis, and who are still to this day trying to reclaim their lost treasures. The life stories of these persecuted families are interspersed with exquisite photographs and a considered commentary on present-day art restitution issues.

Lost Lives, Lost ArtLost Lives, Lost Art

The Story of Street Scene: Restitution of Nazi Looted Art - Case and Controversy

In the autumn of 2006, a controversy exploded in Germany about the restitution of the expressionist masterpiece Street Scene by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, confiscated from the late Alfred Hess. Found in the collection of Berlin's Brücke Museum, it was reclaimed by his grand-daughter and returned to her. The Story of Street Scene recounts the story of the family, the painting, and the legal battle to get it back.

The Story of Street Scene:  Restitution of Nazi Looted Art - Case and Controversy

Restitution: Art and Memory Documentary

"Restitution: Art and Memory" is a feature-length documentary by John Friedman. It has received ongoing advice and a grant from the Commission for Art Recovery. The film will also focus on the lost European Jewish art world, the families who struggle to reclaim their looted art, and the dealers, galleries, and museums that bought and sold the plunder long after the war. The producer is John S. Friedman who produced, among other films, Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie, which won an Academy Award in 1989. The director is Hugo Macgregor whose directorial credits include a segment of Simon Schamaís The Story of the Jews (ìOver the Rainbowî), What Makes a Masterpiece? and The World Women Made, a four-part documentary series for the BBC.