European Database Project
Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project

Our long-term goal is the creation of a central, online, freely accessible database of Jewish-owned cultural assets that were plundered during the Nazi era, the Holocaust and World War II, through which we will investigate the history of Nazi-sponsored cultural looting.

For this database, we would like to build on the results of previous initiatives focusing on Holocaust-era looting; for example, the project titled Cultural Plunder by the ERR: Database of Art Objects at the Jeu de Paume or the database of the German Lost Art Foundation.

The JDCRP project will contribute to a better understanding of the history of looting agencies, their agents and local collaborators, the fate of individual objects, who the owners were and the commemoration of persecuted Jewish artists and their creative output. It will provide assistance to claimants, museums, and the art market, as well as offer best practices and provide educational material for the study of European Jewish life in the 20th c., the Holocaust, art history and provenance research in order to foster research, preservation and use of various sources of information on looted art.

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