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Books published about the looting of art in Europe during World War II and the process of recovering those works started as a small number of eyewitness reports in the war’s aftermath. During the 1990s, a resurgence of interest in every aspect of the Holocaust and Nazi looting of assets produced a continuous stream of research and publications about the history of Nazi-looted art.

Arcade, the online catalog of three art libraries in New York City (Frick Art Reference Library, the libraries of the Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Modern Art), contains a WWII provenance bibliography, which lists relevant resources from the collections of the three libraries. Arcade's WWII Provenance Bibliography is regularly updated and immensely useful. Using this link to Arcade site, you will find resources in several languages; even if you do not have direct access to these three libraries, the precise references will let you know what is available and can help you find what you need at libraries closer to you or through book stores.

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