INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM - Fair and just solutions? Alternatives to litigation in Nazi looted art disputes: status quo and new developments

The Hague, Netherlands
The Peace Palace

Today, fourteen years after the signing of the Washington Principles, the debate about Nazi looted art is still topical. The call for just and fair solutions and alternative dispute resolution in ownership disputes (Washington Principle XI) has led a number of countries to set up advisory committees or panels. For the first time, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Dutch Restitutions Committee, five European advisory committees will meet in the Peace Palace in The Hague.

The Restitutions Committee is taking this opportunity to organise a one-day symposium to evaluate the status quo of dispute resolution in Nazi looted art cases in and beyond the countries that have installed advisory committees. Leading experts from different countries will participate in an interdisciplinary discussion to explore the question of how to reconcile the different interests of former and present owners.

Further information: The Advisory Committee on the Assessment of Restitution Applications for Items of Cultural Value and the Second World War

To attend the symposium, please register before 9 November 2012 through the following link:

Symposium Programme